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Ophthalmologists are surgeons and specialists in eye disease that assess and monitor the health of the eye. They have completed a Bachelor Degree and four years of medical school at an accredited university, as well as a residency in medical and surgical care of the eyes in an accredited university hospital. They are secondary-level healthcare providers and are often referred to by your family physician, however you can self-refer. Dr. Khosla’s services are covered by Alberta Health.

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Dr. Deepak Khosla - Synergy Collaborative Health – Cochrane, AB

Dr. Deepak Khosla

Ophthalmologist Dr. Khosla completed his medical degree and Ophthalmology residency training in India with a fellowship in vitreo retinal at Chennai, India, home of the largest, busiest and best-equipped retina units in South East Asia. His clinical fellowship training explored diagnosis, management and surgery of retina and the vitreous. This included the use of FFA, lasers and ultrasonography. He later did his visitor fellowships in retina at prestigious American Universities.

Dr. Khosla has been an Ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) since 1988, having worked at the best institutes in Asia and Middle East. He now offers comprehensive ophthalmological services in Calgary including consultations, diagnostics, minor operative procedures and laser eye surgeries.

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